Saturday, August 11, 2007

Microsoft sure knows how to foil search engines

I have been trying to learn COM and .NET development lately, but every time I try to search for COM and .NET related stuff on Google, it seems like I get any website that has .com or .net in the domain name. Plus, search engines are harly able to tell the difference between C, C++, C# and pages that are indexed by their first letter. For .NET I've got around this problem by searching for ".NET framework" or CLR, but for COM there seems to be no way to find information about it.

What TLA will they come up with next? THE? FOO?

P.S. My 80-gig secondary hard drive has died. It's only a matter of time before my 200-gig explodes...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Microsoft C++ doing what Loyc is doing?

I came across this MSDN article today, which says
...when the project is built, the compiler parses each C++ source file, producing an object file. However, when the compiler encounters an attribute, it is parsed and syntactically verified. The compiler then dynamically calls an attribute provider to insert code or make other modifications at compile time. The implementation of the provider differs depending on the type of attribute. For example, ATL-related attributes are implemented by Atlprov.dll.

So, boo and Loyc aren't the only compilers doing binary-compatible compiler extensions. I wonder who else is doing it.